Sons & Daughters of Joel

Sons and Daughters of Joel is a forum for sharing an important part of our family history - the missionary record of descendents of Joel Hills Johnson.  

Enjoy this record of missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

as they serve all over the world.  

This record brings together the far-flung family of this faithful pioneer.  

I labored for the benefit of my fellow creatures by preaching the Gospel wherever opportunity presented
- Joel Hills Johnson
Joel Hills Johnson Family Organization


Elena Naomi Martineau began training for her mission to the Adriatic North Mission in February 2016.

Ammon Bingham began his mission in November 2015 serving in the Mexico Monterrey West Mission.

Tucker Gibson is serving in Tokyo, Japan. He began his mission in September 2015

Emma Elizabeth Allen began serving her mission to Argentina Salta in 2015.

Thomas Henry Slack is serving in Guam Micronesia, beginning in 2015.

Ben Mejia began his mission to Canada Edmunton in August 2015.

Justin Cordel Ericksen is serving in the El Salvador San Salvador West / Belize Mission.  He began July 2015.

Jordan Spencer Ericksen began serving in the Honduras San Pedro Sula East Mission July 2015.

Kathrine Gibson, who began her mission June 2015, is currently serving in the Japan Kobe mission.

Alex Maurice Lusko is currently serving in the Atlanta Georgia Mission.

Chandler Houston Martineau is serving in the Hungary Budapest Mission, beginning November 2014.

Joseph Charles Martineau began serving his mission in Brazil Sao Paulo North in November 2014.

Garett Samuel Johnson is serving in Micronesia Guam, beginning in 2014.

Now let thy servants, O our God,

       Be clothed with power divine,

That they may spread thy truth abroad,

       And cause the light to shine

Among nations who in darkness are

       For darkness fills the earth,

That they may shun the Devil's snare,

       By having a new birth,

And gathering home to Zion's land,

       Which was to Joseph given.

That they in safety there may stand,

       When Christ descends from heaven

To burn the wicked in his wrath,

       And to receive his bride

With righteousness to fill the earth

       Which then is purified.

--Joel Hills Johnson

Missionary Descendents of Joel Hills Johnson listed:

Elders:  501

Sisters:  133

Couples:  34

Couple missions:  54

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Last updated August 28, 2016

Branch Conference in Kobe, Japan.  Cousin Kate Gibson is 4th from the right, front row, wearing a polka dot skirt.